t-shirt[1]IN MEMORIAM… As most of his followers know, Dr. George Patterson transitioned on June 21, 2015 and, while we are happy he is at peace, the world has lost one of its great servants. He saved so many lives as an interventionist and helped so many Friends of Bill stay on their path to health realization.

Awarded the Gratitude Award for Lifetime Achievement in mental health and substance abuse treatment in the community by Sierra Tucson Treatment Center, and as founder of the Alpha Treatment Program at Glendale Memorial Hospital,
P9150009Dr. Patterson has been recognized for his contributions in the areas of intervention and dependency counseling by the President of the United States, Governor of California, Senators Feinstein and Boxer, Congressman Adam Schiff, the County of Los Angeles, and the Mayor of the City of Glendale, California.

Anyone who encountered “Dr. George” was truly blessed. He was definitely our Creator’s gift to us all. An avid catch and release fly fisherman, fish all around the world will breath a sigh of relief now. ‘Bye for now, my dear George, we know you will have all the folks in Heaven in stitches with your jokes.



In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to George’s favorite charity: Reel Recovery. The charity is set-up to provide a weekend retreat free of cost to men with cancer funded solely by donations. George has been a therapy facilitator for 10 years with this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (tax id# 91-2193394). Provided below is a link set-up specifically for donations made in George’s honor:     http://reelrecovery.org/honoring-dr-george/


IN GRATITUDE OF DR. GEORGE…  Dr. George and I met 17 years ago when he attended a seminar I was doing on the Three Principles in St. Paul. We had the same briefcase, watch, shoes and soon discovered we shared an abundance of common passions and interests. We were both psychologists working in the addiction field and shared a love of nature and being in it.

Shortly after our meeting we both attended a talk by the late Sydney Banks in Victoria British Columbia. George was going fly fishing (surprise!) after the seminar with another colleague, Ken Spittle in the Kamloops area of the mountains and he invited me to join them. I knew little of fly fishing and got to be with two expert fly fishermen and fly tiers. I bit at the chance.
That first night we tied flies (my first a Wooly Bugger) and discovered more of our common passions. I had spent many years as co-director of the Wilderness Therapy Institute where we combined rock climbing, winter and summer camping, sailing and hiking with personal growth. George had done his dissertation on wilderness therapy and was a boy scout leader and eagle scout. We also found out our wives shared the same birthday.

IMG_2691The next day the fishing began when I caught my first rainbow trout (5 pounds) on a fly that I had made the night before. He pulled my float tube around that lake for 20 minutes and now I was hooked on fly fishing!

That night we birthed the idea to work together and do fly fishing seminars. We did our first seminar on the Missouri River in Montana in 2000 and knew we had found something magical and powerful as a way to teach people profound psychological principles while having fun and learning something new. Fifteen years later we have done over 20 seminars on four continents from New Zealand to Chile and from Alaska to Belize.

Since meeting we became best friends and business partners in Fly Fishing for the Mind. George was truly a best friend—always there for me and my family in good times and in bad. George’s sense of humor, his joy that filled every room, and his enthusiasm for anything he was doing from fly fishing to eating a great meal, to sending you corny jokes in emails almost every day.

George taught us all to fish and love it but mostly he was teaching us to love life, ourselves and each other. I will be forever grateful to have had George as a best friend and to all of you who have helped George and I successfully bring the love of life and fishing to so many.

In deepest gratitude to Dr. George and All of You,

Joe Bailey