Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to fly fish to come on the seminar?
You do not have to know how to fly fish to come on our seminars! On every trip we hire guides (usually one guide for two people) who will show you how to use the equipment, how to cast, how to tie on the flies, and how to land the fish! This learning is part of the fun. We get the best guides possible.

Are there other activities in addition to fly-fishing in which I can participate part or all of the time?
On every trip we try to provide a variety of experiences in addition to fly-fishing. This is a new option that has become increasingly used in our seminars. Examples are float plane trips to view the wild Alaskan Kodiak bears fishing for salmon in the waterfalls at the Brooks River, or a jet boat ride up the Newhalen River, In other trips we have visited the National Belize Zoo, visited Mayan ruins, or seen glaciers in New Zealand. In our next trip to Alaska we may fly by floatplane to a remote Inuit village and experience their culture as they prepare salmon to smoke and dry, etc.

Can I bring other family members?
Bringing family, loved ones, and work associates is one of the best parts of the seminars. We have had couples, fathers and daughters, fathers and sons, and work associates.

Is this open for men and women?
In our last seminar we were 50-50 men and women. With great ribbing the women frequently out-fished the men!

What if I don’t have any equipment?
Rainbow River Lodge provides all of the necessary fly-fishing equipment. Usually participants like to buy their own waders and a rain jacket. Most other equipment can be borrowed. However, many like to get outfitted before the trip. We will provide you with advice and good resources for buying the right kind of equipment.

What are ages of participants?
Participants have come from age 35-84. Most are in their 50’s and 60”s.

What health considerations should I need to be concerned about?
This is an important question. We have had people who were battling cancer view this as a trip for their “bucket list” and had a
trip of their lifetime…only to return again next year! There is room for a variety of physical possibilities. You should be reasonably mobile, but even if you need to walk with a walking staff, the guides are excellent in assisting you in and out of the float boats, and arranging it so you can fish from the boat with a minimum of wading. Be sure to review physical issues with us and tell your doctor what you want to do and get his/her clearance.

Is travel included?
You are responsible for your own travel to the pick up point by the lodge. In. However, if it is a wilderness lodge, the lodge will pick you up at the terminal point and fly you or take you in their jet boats to the lodge. That portion of the trip is included in the seminar fees.

How much are tips?
This is a personal matter and we can provide you with guidelines. Usually there is a single tip at the end of the trip, which is divided
among the housekeeping staff and the guides. This averages about 10% of the total seminar fee.

What is a typical day look like?

This is described in the website, but begins with teaching you an early morning Tai Chi meditation, breakfast, a short seminar with the topic of the day, the days activities, afternoon rest and hors d’oeuvres, dinner, and an evening seminar. We adjust the schedule to fit the best fishing times in each location and to meet the needs of the particular group.

How much is the deposit?

50% of seminar fees are due with your reservation. The balance is
due 45 days prior to the seminar starting date.
Cancellations are not refundable after that date but you may find a
replacement for your slot. Because the lodges plan food and
guides long in advance, the lodge has already made financial
commitments. Because of this, we recommend taking trip insurance for
cancellation emergencies so that you are protected for your travel and
the seminar.

What about refunds?
Because of the lodge financial commitments, we cannot refund your money due to cancellation after 45 days prior to the seminar beginning
date. We are committed to the lodge at that point and cannot refund your deposit. However, you may find a replacement. This is the reason we recommend purchasing trip insurance.

Is this therapy?

Although therapeutic for many, we consider this an educational experience and not psychological counseling. We provide personal growth and educational experiences using the metaphors and events of the seminars for experiential learning. People have described this as life changing, therapeutic, and educational as well as amazing fun that they can take home and use in many areas of their life.

Are these seminars tax deductible?
We recommend that you CONSULT YOUR TAX ADVISOR. Because of the educational focus and content of the seminars, they may be deductible.

What if I don’t know anybody? Can I come alone?
The seminars are a great place to make lifelong friends and meet interesting people. We do have a high percentage of returning participants, which gives a nice flow to the experience.

Can I bring fish home?
Yes. On our Alaskan trips, you are allowed to bring home your fresh caught salmon. The lodges will clean the fish, vacuum seal the filet’s in heavy plastic bags, and pack them in insulated boxes for your travel home. On all other trips as well as for the rainbow fishing in Alaska, we practice catch and release fishing always using barbless hooks.

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