1Fly Fishing for the Mind was begun in 2001 when Dr. George Patterson introduced his friend Joe Bailey to fly fishing in the mountains of British Columbia. After Joe caught his first five-pound rainbow trout from a float tube on a fly he learned to tie the night before he was “hooked” on fly fishing. George’s purpose in helping others through the profession of psychology in a way that focused on the deeper principles of psychological and spiritual well-being began to take shape. And so.. Fly Fishing for the Mind seminars.

Fly Fishing for the Mind was created for several reasons:
1.    To provide people with an adventure into his and her true Self.
2.    To provide people with an adventure into discovering the joy of nature, fly fishing, and sharing this with people of like mind.
3.    Using the metaphor of fly fishing, to teach the principles of well-being—physically, mentally, and spiritually.Our primary purpose is and has been to create an inspiring, fun, and educational experience to wake up the dormant state of our true Selves in memorable locations around the world. We didn’t want to fix people’s problems or just have a fun fishing adventure as a distraction from our normal hectic and less than satisfying lives. Instead, we wanted to create an experience of living in the moment, deeply listening to our Selves and to nature, combined with an education of the principles of mental well-being to take this experience back into our “normal” everyday lives.
Over the past ten seminars we have tweaked these fly fishing adventures to find the optimal balance of group discussion and sharing, reflection and fly fishing and other activities. This has been a challenge given the temptation to “do” more when surrounded by such beauty and so many fishing opportunities. However, we have found that quality rather than quantity of experiences is the best way to achieve our goal of personal growth and a fun fishing experience. We hope you will join us for a life changing adventure into the beauty of nature and the joy of simply living as your true Self. Our commitment to you is to provide you with a context for self-discovery in some of the most beautiful fly fishing locations in the world.