191 Qi Gong best at river

We begin each day with a meditative exercise based on the ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong, an internal martial art. Qi Gong, through a series of simple movements, breathing techniques, and control of internal energy or “Qi” facilitates healing, improves joint movement, energy, and bone health. In addition, Qi Gong is an excellent way to reduce stress and allow for a calmer life.  These gentle yet invigorating exercises are one of the changes you can take home!   Participants report this physically energizing and spiritually centering experience as a highlight of the trip and a powerful way to set the tone for the day.

We structure the rest of the day to provide time for the extraordinary fishing, activity and reflection. There is much to learn and experience, but time for quiet and integration of the content of the seminars is a major goal. We have found that busy professional people who play and vacation as hard and intensely as they work, are missing a valuable opportunity to savor life and learn in a deeper way.

This is incorporated into the following format of our seminars:
a) Qi Gong before breakfast
b) Early morning breakfast
c) Short seminar, introducing the thought and concept of the day
d) Day adventures: float or wade fishing, hiking, sight seeing, bird watching, photography, or just enjoying the setting and relaxing!
e) Late afternoon rest, social gathering, hors d’eourves at the lodge
f) Dinner together in the main lodge dining room
g) Evening seminar providing reflection and integration of the concept and teaching of the day.

The content of the seminars is derived from interviews with the participants prior to their arrival. We then integrate these themes into the experiences and seminars for the group. The unique concept of the seminars is that they are proactive in teaching principles of living without rehashing old issues.

Together with George, they will weave the experiences of the day, be it fly fishing or just partaking in the beauty of nature in one of the premiere wilderness areas. Join us for another thought-provoking and transformative seminar amid the grandeur of one of the most beautiful areas of the world.